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White Spot Demo
00:Database content:   (Click on the link for detailed informations.)
identification of the substance producing 583, thousands of the type, lots of photos and text information!   (June 2024.)
Further targets:
Program information:
The program is valid for one year. After being updated the program can be used for one year.
White Spot 24.2
Data contentAvailable informations
Permission levelsBasicIntermediateExpert
Outside pictures
Inside pictures, dashboard
Pictures about VIN
Place of VIN
Characters of VIN
Details of VIN
Back side of VIN
VIN repetition, details, pieces
Location of repeats of VIN
Pictures of joints of VIN
Location of joints of VIN
VIN decoding
Bodywork number, photos, details, characters
Location of bodywork number
Nameplate photos, details, rivets
Location of nameplate
On-board computer photos
Trip computer buttons
Color code sticker photos
Color code sticker location
Photos of keys
Engine number photos
Engine number location
Engine number details
Engine number characters
Engine number repetitions
Location of repeats of engine number
The online program is locked by starter code numbers. The program starts only on the computers that have asked for the code number before. We need a fixed IP-adress (e.g.: The users get a registration number when they start the program for the first time. What happens is that the users have to call us by phone to get their starter codes.
Legal declaration:
The software in the vehicle identification as an ingredient can be used, we don't vouche a responsibility for consequences originating from the use of his data!
The software and its every single part are property of the
 GépjárműTechnika Műszaki Szakértői Iroda Kft.
and consists in full whole one's under copyright, of which the proprietor reserves all rights!

The proprietor's preliminary written permit necessary onto the any kind of use of the software differing from the stipulated in a contract ones (pl.: realization, multiplication, processing, translations, into electronics data-processing systems happening filling and in them truth processing, and any kind of web you are local area network onto a waiter — including all Internet and corporate servers — happening setup and on them/from them truth running, ect.)

The law being about the copyrights and the violation of his related provisions bring about a severe punishment!
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